Wednesday Weekend Recap

      How is it that I always make it back to Atlanta just in time for the snow and ice??  This past weekend I was in Greenville, SC for an event with the South Carolina National Guard. It was 1.5 days and ALOT of kids, but more importantly lots of fun!  The team of 15 sitters did an amazing  job and kept the energy flowing all day, even with a 7 AM start time *yawn*    

Turning Six and Headed West!

June 2 marks our 6th year anniversary! Yes, I know, you only became familiar with us about two years ago when we re-branded and got serious about our marketing strategy.  The company has seen a lot of growth in the last 12 months with expansion in South Carolina and North Carolina. Elegant Event Sitters, Inc. has been fortunate enough to partner with several 4 Diamond Rated venues in the southeast. I am so honored to be working with such great vendors in the wedding industry in Atlanta and now {Read More}