What Parents Can Expect When Kids Are With Event Sitters

I know that dropping off the kids with a new sitter can sometimes be a bit of a struggle for mom, dad, and the little one. At Elegant Event Sitters, Inc. we try to make the drop-off experience as painless and tear- free as possible. Here are a few things you can expect for your little ones when they’re with event sitters.

The absolute BEST sitters in the industry.

All of our sitters are fun and experienced caregivers, required to go through CPR and First Aid training, and they are also all required to obtain our “Party in Peace” certification. This certification includes extensive training on things like safety and security, child abuse and neglect, playtime management, and more. They’re also extremely patient, well rounded and talented individuals, and they are wonderful people to trust your precious children with.Beckett_Beckett_Project_Duo_Photography_000963_low


Fun and safe activities for your precious little ones.

With Elegant Event Sitters, Inc. we don’t want your kids to sit in a room and let the television watch them for hours upon hours, we want them to have the (supervised) fun that they deserve! We offer a ton of different packages that provide your young ones with lots and lots of entertaining activities to engage in. We have things like our Babysitter-In-A-Box option that includes fun things for your children to do with their sitters, and we even have a Kids Reception for weddings where we get the party started and let the kids have their own fun!BIB

A cool place for your older ones, too!

Oftentimes, it may be that like your older kids feel as if they’re too cool or too old for a babysitter, other times it may be that you are invited to an event that your child is not invited to, or it could be that you may not feel safe leaving them at home alone. At Elegant Event Sitters, Inc. we take part in anti-babysitting. Just like for our younger kids, we don’t let your kids just sit there and watch television. With something like our Kids Camp option, we give kids of all ages some much needed, much deserved, very well structured playtime.


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