{Mommy Mondays} 5 Tips for Hiring Party Sitters

The first time that someone booked us for a kid’s birthday party, I was a little confused. I mean, I have 3 kids and I never hired anyone to supervise the kids, that’s what parent’s are for right? Then I remembered, how I couldn’t keep my eyes on all of the kids at once and reality is that parents do not supervise their kids. Seriously, they don’t. People are content to let their children kick your walls and pull books off of shelves just so that they can have some deep conversation with the other parents; who are, by the way, also not supervising their children. Two hours later, you send the guests home with their party favors and realize that your home is in complete and total chaos. Hiring sitters can cut down on some of the unwanted aftermath that often accompanies a child’s party and it is a great way to have some extra help on hand no matter where the party is held.  Here are my tips, let me know if you have anything to add!

5 Tips for Hiring Party Sitters

 Familiarize yourself with any food allergies that the guests may have. Make sure that the sitters have all of the information needed to prevent or care for an allergic reaction {such as Benadryl, Epipens, instructions on what to do in case of a reaction}

Staff appropriately.  Hiring sitters gives you an extra set of hands to help with games and serving meals. You want to make sure that you have the correct adult-to-child ratios. Hiring one additional person to help run games and serve 30 kids just won’t work. Try 1 adult to 5 kids.

Set boundaries. Whether the party is being held at home or at another venue, make sure that everyone knows which areas are off limits. If you’d like to keep the kids in a designated, go over those before the party guests arrive.

Go over expectations.  The sitters are willing to pitch in and do whatever needs to be done but they need some direction on what you’d like them to execute. If you have crafts, games and entertainment, give the staff an agenda to make things easier.

Don’t curb the enthusiasm.  You want sitters that are high-energy and FUN.  Having someone there who won’t engage the kids and play is really like not having any help at all.







  1. Great tips! I never thought of having a sitter help out with the kid’s birthdays.

  2. Yes, it’s always good to have extra help. Thanks so much!

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