Drunk Parents Driving Kids Home After the Wedding



Photo Courtesy Sodahead.com

Wedding season is starting and that means that we’ll be celebrating like crazy for the next few months. I LOVE weddings! I love all of the details and flowers and the dresses and my favorite part is the reception. The reception is by far the best part of the night{IMO}. As you all know there is plenty of drinking going on in the reception, but what happens at the end of the night when the party is over and it’s time to pick up the kids?

Rarely have we had a parent that has been overdoing it at the bar and in those cases, they were, thankfully, staying at the hotel where the event was being held. Those few incidents had me wondering what to do if the parents that are too intoxicated have to drive themselves and their children home. Legally, we can’t withhold the children from their parents, which I personally feel is insane. But what we can do is to ask another guest or family member to take the kids. There is no way that I am allowing a child to be released to a drunk parent. ┬áNo doubt, this is going to piss the parent off; but better to have a pissed off parent than a fatal accident involving the whole family.

What would you do in this situation?


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