Mother’s Day Crafts We <3

With Spring displaying its beautiful sights and Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time for a few adorable kid-friendly and mommy-approved crafts. Now just to be a little sappy, Let’s give a shout out to the mommies in the world. I know that for me, growing up would have been a thousand times more difficult if I didn’t have my mom to go to every single time something was wrong, and I do mean every single time. My mother {Read More}

Fun Friday {St. Patrick’s Day}

Two Fun and Easy St. Patrick’s Day Activities You Can Do With The Kids   St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17th and it’s certainly one of the best holidays to get crafty because everything is decorated in green! Kids love decorating too, so why not try these easy crafts!   St. Patrick’s Day Wreath  Here’s what you’ll need:   Foam wreaths St. Patrick’s Day Themed Ribbon Mod Podge (safest for kids) or pins or hot glue Other {Read More}

Wednesday Weekend Recap

Valentine’s Day is when love is truly in the air and people are getting engaged like crazy.  We spent ours with a few kids at the Country Club of the South. The parents dined at the club and we had our own little party with the kids. How did you spend yours?  

It’s Christmas Time!

This weekend we had the pleasure of with the Georgia Boy Choir for the third year in a row. It’s our pleasure to host the Christmas party for the children who may not be able to sit through a 3 hour concert. As always we had a wonderful time with the under 6 crowd and look forward to the next concert!

{Mommy Mondays} Get Crafty in the Name of Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and as usual I am so late with trying to put some things together for my daughter’s class. I found these super cute crafts on Martha Stewart’s site.  Happy Crafting!  

New Year’s Eve Care for the Kids in Atlanta

Parents don’t have to stay in with the kids to bring in the new year. Leave the kids with us for their very own holiday party complete with dinner, fun and a countdown and balloon drop at midnight for those that are still awake! Space is limited. Register at

{Mommy Mondays} Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Halloween, Beyond the Candy (Family Features) Kids and adults alike look forward to Halloween each year. From the costumes, to the sweet treats, there’s plenty to get excited about. But Halloween also provides the perfect opportunity for kids to get involved in the community as well. Use these tips to help your child think of the holiday as yet another way to spread a festive spirit, with less emphasis on candy, and more emphasis on giving back. Collect donations for {Read More}