{DIY} Summer Crafts for Kids

It’s that time of year again! The kids are at home for the summer and all the parents in the world are trying desperately to avoid hearing the dreadful “I’m bored” from their children. At Elegant Event Sitters, Inc. we specialize in keeping kids entertained for hours on end, and we’d like to give you a few arts and crafts to help get the job done at home. Here are three summer themed arts and crafts that your little ones {Read More}

What Parents Can Expect When Kids Are With Event Sitters

I know that dropping off the kids with a new sitter can sometimes be a bit of a struggle for mom, dad, and the little one. At Elegant Event Sitters, Inc. we try to make the drop-off experience as painless and tear- free as possible. Here are a few things you can expect for your little ones when they’re with event sitters. The absolute BEST sitters in the industry. All of our sitters are fun and experienced caregivers, required to {Read More}

Mother’s Day Crafts We <3

With Spring displaying its beautiful sights and Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time for a few adorable kid-friendly and mommy-approved crafts. Now just to be a little sappy, Let’s give a shout out to the mommies in the world. I know that for me, growing up would have been a thousand times more difficult if I didn’t have my mom to go to every single time something was wrong, and I do mean every single time. My mother {Read More}

Fun Friday {St. Patrick’s Day}

Two Fun and Easy St. Patrick’s Day Activities You Can Do With The Kids   St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17th and it’s certainly one of the best holidays to get crafty because everything is decorated in green! Kids love decorating too, so why not try these easy crafts!   St. Patrick’s Day Wreath  Here’s what you’ll need:   Foam wreaths St. Patrick’s Day Themed Ribbon Mod Podge (safest for kids) or pins or hot glue Other {Read More}

{Mommy Mondays} Get Crafty in the Name of Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and as usual I am so late with trying to put some things together for my daughter’s class. I found these super cute crafts on Martha Stewart’s site.  Happy Crafting!  

{Mommy Mondays} Kids’ Back to School Party

With the new school year right around the corner (gasp!!!), I think that it’s time to have one more celebration to say goodbye to summer. A few years ago I had a back to school party for my youngest daughter and we had so much fun.   Having a Back to School party is so easy and it does not take much effort to put together.  Don’t go overboard, you’ll have plenty of time for stress once school actually starts.  Find {Read More}

{Mommy Mondays} Hands and Feet Reindeer Craft

I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get into the holiday spirit but Christmas crafts always seem to put me in the mood!  Each Monday from now until Christmas, we will highlight a simple craft that can be done with all age groups. As a kid, I used to love making crafts that used cutouts of my hands! I found this cute reindeer on Amazing Moms. It’s super easy and does not require many supplies, which makes it perfect to do with {Read More}

{Mommy Mondays} Holiday Coloring Pages

The holidays just aren’t the same without pictures of turkeys hanging on the refrigerator!  I found some great printable coloring book pages for the holidays on the Parents magazine website.  Your little ones are sure to love the turkeys, scarecrow and pilgrim hats, to name a few! Check out the rest at http://www.parents.com/holiday/thanksgiving/printables/coloring-pages/

Mommy Mondays

Mommy Mondays is a new feature on Sitter Scoop.  Each week you will find an activity that moms can do with their children.  The activites will include recipes, crafts, outings and more. With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought these spiders made from clay would be a great activity for the kids this week.  Everyone knows that spiders scare me to death and I am not ashamed to say that I will jump on a chair or pull over my car {Read More}

Send Your Guests Home with More Than Memories

Elegant Event Sitters, Inc. is now offering an Animal Stuffing Station. Upgrade your basic package to include a furry friend that your guests can take home. In looking for DIY stuffing companies, Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop was chosen so that the children could have the opportunity to create their new friend. There is no stuffing machine so all animals are hand-stuffed by the kids. All brides booking in June will receive a free Animal Stuffing Station upgrade for up to {Read More}