We’ve Been Too Busy to Blog!

Happy New Year!  Yes, I realize that it is March but hey, I’ve been working my butt off this first quarter.  It’s convention time so that means traveling and working to the point of near exhaustion. However, lovin every minute of it! {Sung in my Loverboy voice}. January started with a trip to Houston Texas to work with a campus ministry group for their annual meeting. Two weeks later wheel’s up to Philly to be with our long time client {Read More}

3 Reasons To Hire An Event Sitter For A Convention

When it comes to conventions, no one ever thinks to hire a sitter, and for good reasons, too! Conventions aren’t usually kid-proof (it seems like there’s always some kind of alcoholic beverage somewhere nearby), they can be pretty long (especially in the eyes of a child) and kids don’t normally accompany their parents at conventions anyway. With all that being said, there are a lot of people who can’t go to a convention because they have kids and they feel {Read More}

What Parents Can Expect When Kids Are With Event Sitters

I know that dropping off the kids with a new sitter can sometimes be a bit of a struggle for mom, dad, and the little one. At Elegant Event Sitters, Inc. we try to make the drop-off experience as painless and tear- free as possible. Here are a few things you can expect for your little ones when they’re with event sitters. The absolute BEST sitters in the industry. All of our sitters are fun and experienced caregivers, required to {Read More}

Our Top 3 Reasons To Hire An Event Sitter For a Corporate Event

It may seem kind of unheard of to hire an event sitter for something like a corporate event, but it truly is beneficial to both you and your child. Now I know what you’re thinking; “Tish, why would I want to bring my sweet baby angel to an event like this, sometimes I don’t even want to go to these events for work, whether it be a gala, a convention or fundraiser. They’re long and I sometimes struggle to keep {Read More}

Blogalicious Five! Atlanta, GA

Blogalicious Weekend is not just near and dear to my heart because it’s one of the premier blogging conferences but it’s also my first real paying client after I quit my job in 2009. That year was when Blogalicious Weekend was born and so was my independence from the corporate world. This was our third year providing child care for this conference. We had a blast with the kids at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.  ORS sponsored the Kids Suite and sent the {Read More}

Type- A Parent Conference 2013 Atlanta,GA

The Type-A Parent Conference is one of the conferences that I look forward to every year. I was elated to find out that the 2013 event would be held in Atlanta.  The children’s portion of TAP is the KidCon and with it being local to me, I didn’t have too far to bring my bins of goodies. This year there were an AWESOME group of kids that were just so much fun. What I love about our repeat clients is seeing how much the kids {Read More}

It’s a Blogalicious Weekend

This past weekend was the busiest weekend that we’ve had to date. There were 5 weddings plus 3 days of Blogalicious Weekend 2009. I am so proud of my staff they worked hard and I couldn’t have done it without them. The Animal Stuffing Station was in great demand. There were 4 events that had the upgrade. The children stuffed Teddy Bats in honor of Halloween. They are so adorable! Blogalicous Weekend was so much fun! I was able to {Read More}