Mother’s Day Crafts We <3

With Spring displaying its beautiful sights and Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time for a few adorable kid-friendly and mommy-approved crafts. Now just to be a little sappy, Let’s give a shout out to the mommies in the world. I know that for me, growing up would have been a thousand times more difficult if I didn’t have my mom to go to every single time something was wrong, and I do mean every single time. My mother deserves the world, especially because she carried it on her shoulders for so long. Here at Elegant Event Sitters, Inc. we understand that moms deserve the whole wide world and while we can’t exactly give them that; we would like to start with a few gift ideas that are promised to make moms smile from ear to ear.

scribble mug


Heart Scribble Mug from MessyLittleMonster (


A light colored mug

Sticky back paper

Porcelain marker pen

All you have to do is cut a heart into your sticky back paper, place it onto your light colored mug, and let your kids scribble around on the cup until their hearts are content. Then you’ll peel the sticky paper off of the mug and, viola! An adorable gift for mom to enjoy her next cup of coffee with.



Bath Bombs (No Citric Acid) from RedTedArt (


2 cups baking soda

1 cup cream of tartar

1-2 tbs olive oil

Food coloring

Essential oils

Dried lavender

A spray bottle of water

Silicon ice cube trays

Here’s a link to an easy to follow video tutorial for these soothing bath bombs:

Bath Bomb Recipe How To

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