Our Top 3 Reasons To Hire An Event Sitter For a Corporate Event

It may seem kind of unheard of to hire an event sitter for something like a corporate event, but it truly is beneficial to both you and your child. Now I know what you’re thinking; “Tish, why would I want to bring my sweet baby angel to an event like this, sometimes
I don’t even want to go to these events for work, whether it be a gala, a convention or fundraiser. They’re long and I sometimes struggle to keep both eyes open during them.” While all that can be true, bringing your child to one of these events has a ton of benefits, it allows you, as a parent, to focus better, it lets your child peek into your work life so they can see what their parents do with all their time, and it makes it so the attendance of the event reaches an all-time high. Here are some elaborations on 3 reasons to hire an event sitter for a corporate event.

Image by http://bestphotographersinindia.blogspot.com/

Image by http://bestphotographersinindia.blogspot.com/


  1. Corporate events typically require a lot of focus and attention and can often go for multiple days at a time. I know that for many, focusing on any one thing for an extended period of time can prove to be difficult, and that’s without thinking of your little tikes at home. With and event sitter on site, the attendees can concentrate more on the new things that they’re supposed to learn. With an event sitter on site, the children are close by and parents spend less time wondering about their child’s safety and well-being. They could even peek their head in during a break or lunch, if they chose to do so.
  1. Recently, “Take Your Child To Work Day” just passed. For some, this is a major event every year. It can be a truly wonderful experience for mom and dad, and a fun time for the kids to see what it is their parents actually do. After the initial fun, wonder, and awe has subsided, the kids are going to need somewhere else to go and something else to do. With Elegant Event Sitters,Inc. we provide exactly that for your children. When it’s time to get down to business, leaving your child to an event sitter gives you the chance to get work done and your little one an opportunity to participate in some fun activities for the day.
  1. Having an event sitter for something such as a corporate event will definitely boost attendance rates. There are times when adults may have to miss out on the galas, retreats, seminars, or the many other enlightening, (and sometimes mandatory) work related events and learning opportunities because they can’t seem to find a sitter. If there is an Elegant Event Sitter at the venue where the event is being held, that problem completely disappears. The parents can attend the event, and the children can make a few new friends! While we’re networking and passing out business cards, we can be comfortable knowing that our children are doing some networking of their own by making new friends in a safe and supervised environment.

Be it a gala, convention or fundraiser, you want to know that your staff and clients can attend your company’s event without choosing work over family because it’s a hard choice to make. By hiring an event sitter for your corporate event, you’ve taken the anxiety away and can allow everyone to attend the event with peace of mind.

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