3 Reasons To Hire An Event Sitter For A Convention

When it comes to conventions, no one ever thinks to hire a sitter, and for good reasons, too! Conventions aren’t usually kid-proof (it seems like there’s always some kind of alcoholic beverage somewhere nearby), they can be pretty long (especially in the eyes of a child) and kids don’t normally accompany their parents at conventions anyway. With all that being said, there are a lot of people who can’t go to a convention because they have kids and they feel like they need to stay home for them. For this reason and many more, hiring an event sitter for a convention should really be considered!

It increases attendance for the event. Conventions are creative, fun, and innovative learning experiences for everyone involved. Parents sometimes feel they have to miss out because they need to stay at home with their kids. Having event sitters at your convention allows and encourages your guests with children to attend your event. With Elegant Event Sitters Inc., they can drop off their little ones in a room that’s close by to have some supervised play times and then they can make their way to the convention.


Photo Courtesy of Marriott.com

Photo Courtesy of Marriott.com

Conventions require immense amounts of attention and guest participation. With Elegant Event Sitters, Inc. and a few of our well trained sitters around the corner, guests do not feel obligated to phone home every time they feel they need to check on their young children. This eases their minds and lets them concentrate and enjoy themselves more. Having an event sitter nearby lets the participants know that their children are in safe, qualified hands and that they too, are having a good time. Parents often sign up for multiple sessions which allows them to focus on the education while stopping in between sessions for a quick ‘hello’.

It saves your guests from having to choose between their home and work lives. Like we’ve said before and like you already know, parents sometimes feel undue burdens when having to decide what to do when presented with the opportunity to go to a convention. It can be hard for a mom or dad to leave their children at home when they know that they’re going to go have a wonderful and entertaining learning experience somewhere across the country. Most of our sitters are college educated and are able to help with school work that they children may bring. Hiring an event sitter for your convention rightfully eliminates that unnecessary guilt that all parents feel when making the choice to travel for work.

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