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Wednesday Weekend Recap

This past weekend was pretty busy. We started off on Friday at our weekly event at Eagles Landing Country Club Kid’s Zone.   Just Dance 3 is a favorite of this group and then even more dancing ensued when we popped in Disney’s new Teen Beach Movie. On Saturday night, we had the pleasure of working at Ventana’s  for a very beautiful wedding reception. This was my first attempt at making paracord bracelets.   It looks much easier on YouTube! Thankfully {Read More}

{Mommy Mondays} Test Your Breastmillk

    Ah it’s time for Autumn weddings and that means that the holidays parties are just around the corner.  During our events the moms who are nursing usually come in once or twice a night to feed their babies.  You’ve probably guessed that during these events, there is going to be some alcohol consumption. As someone who barely breastfed (and I mean 2-3 days total), I never worried about passing on alcohol to my kids. I didn’t start investigating anything remotely {Read More}

The Ritz – Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation {Kid- Friendly Venues}

Whenever I stay at a Ritz-Carlton,  I never have a complaint and I feel the exact same way when I work at one as well.  The Ritz-Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Planation in Greensboro, Georgia is no exception.  They provide a super cute set up for the kids, complete with a child- height buffet and rocking chairs for putting infants to sleep. The meeting rooms are spacious and we’ve worked events with that are both indoor and outdoors.  The tented area {Read More}

Back-to-School Bliss? {Mommy Mondays}

  Now that the kids are back in school you may have more time on your hands during the day than you know what to do with. I doubt it because there is really never any down time is there? Oh well, if you are lucky enough to snag a few moments to yourself between AM and PM carpools, here are is a great artcle that I found on easy at home spa treatments. Let me know how these work {Read More}