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Kids at the Royal Wedding

  There is no denying the the union of William and Catherine was breathtaking. While watching the live broadcast this morning with my daughter I took note of the children in attendance. Most brides wonder how well behaved the children will be during a 30 minute ceremony. I can only imagine attemding a ceremony as long as the Royals with kids in tow, not to mention all of the kids outside of the church that arrived before daybreak to get a glimpse {Read More}

EES on Tumblr

There are so many social media platforms and yes, I already use Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, You Tube and FourSquare (wow, I am tired just typing that!) and now EES in on Tumblr at Sitter Suggestions. You’ll be able to find weekly (yes, I said it will be updated weekly) tips and activities on crafts, recipes, games and so on.

Mogul Mom

I’m totally honored to have been interviewed for the latest book by Andrea Clayton Mogul Mom. The book is full of great advice on balancing self employment and kids.

Miss Me?

Wow, this is my first post of 2011 and it’s nearly May!  March was indeed total madness w ith 14 events in a 4 week period in Ohio.  Wedding season is in full swing and that means that things are getting busy and there will be plenty to post in the upcoming weeks. Soon I will be starting a series called Kid Friendly Venues. Stay tuned!